Many thanks to our trainers, pilots, and crew for providing the skill training used to put this site together. Our family and friends have learned along with us during our ballooning journey, and we are thankful for all their help and support.

Photo Credits

The photos shown were taken by our ballooning friends and contributed to our site. We thank them for the use of their excellent pictures. Especially our friends at Lighter Than Air Photography.

Hot Air Balloon Crewing Essentials

I would directly like to thank Gordon Schwontkowski for literally writing the book on hot air crewing. For all aspiring crew persons I highly recommend getting his publication "Hot Air Balloon Crewing Essentials". In his book Gordon details all facets of ballooning, concentrating on keeping the sport safe and fun.

See the Materials section for details on materials from Gordon.

Ballooning Organizations

I also recommend that pilots and crew join a local ballooning club, as well as the sport's national organization, the Balloon Federation of America.

Balloon Federation of America Balloon Association of Greater Illinois
Gateway Aerostatic Association Montgolfier Society of Indiana

Soft Landings!