Disclaimers & Conventions


Pilots and Crew Chiefs

Throughout this training material, we will reference the "Pilot" as directing many of the activities directly. In many cases, experienced crew may also perform these tasks, but it will be too cumbersome to write it that way.

Balloon brands

Most of the systems shown and described are manufactured by Cameron Balloons. We are not discriminating against the other brands, that just happens to be the type of equipment we fly. Since we are designing this site primarily to help train our crew, it will be focused on using that equipment. However, most balloon systems are similar so most of the techniques will apply to all brands.

Waivers and Safety Notice

Hot air ballooning can be a hazardous activity. You will likely need to sign a waiver stating that you understand that hot air ballooning and the use of ballooning equipment involves a risk of injury or death and that there is a possibility that you could be injured or killed while participating in this activity. You may be asked to agree to, and expressly assume the risks of injury or death while engaged in hot air ballooning recreational/sporting activities, whether during the preparations, take-off, flight, landing, pack-up or travel to or from the take-off or landing areas, including ground transportation.

Different methods

No two pilots I have ever met use the exact same procedures, so be sure to listen to your pilot's instructions. Some of the techniques we will recommend may not be the way your pilot operates their equipment.


Some pilots use vans or trucks to haul their system. Others pull trailers. For simplicity, we will use the generic term "vehicle" to apply to either method.

Use of this Web Site

This site is designed to provide basic information about Hot Air Ballooning to crew members. It is not to be a replacement for crew briefings.

Internet Explorer Users

We have attempted to make this site usable with all Internet browsers. However, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, because they are less stupid than Internet Explorer.

Distribution of this web site material

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