Loading the Vehicle


Once the balloon has left the ground safely, it is time to pack up all the gear and proceed to the retrieve portion of the flight.

Typically the fan needs to be safely loaded first. Take an extra moment to insure that the fan is tightly secured, as this large object can cause a lot of damage if it comes free during the retrieve.

Fans can weigh 200 pounds, but with proper technique almost anyone can load them.

Loading the fan in a trailer

  • While tipped back, position the base of the fan frame up against the trailer floor
  • The fan should be facing you at this time
  • Slide the fan into the trailer by simply pushing it forward and up
  • When removing it, pull it gently while applying pressure so it just slides out and onto it's wheels

Some other items to gather and put away include:

  • Tie-off rope
  • Envelope bag
  • Burner storage bag
  • Upright cover and pole bag
  • Straps
  • Inflation tanks (if equipped)

Take a quick look around the launch site to verify you have not left anything (hats, coffee mugs, garbage, small children). Then load the crew in the vehicle and be ready to go.